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If your property fails in terms of safety, or the age of the cabling and accessories is just too old, you may be facing a full or partial re-wire. If chosen for the work we will ensure a smooth transition to your new level of safety, Guaranteed.
You're safety is paramount to us so we will provide a professional no fuss experience, re integrating the level of safety you deserve and allowing you to relax in your own home.
Now you may have come to the conclusion of needing a full or partial re-wire because you've lived in the property for many years, recently had improvements done and concerns have been raised by a tradesman or you may have ordered a test and inspection because it was due. Whatever the reason, were here to help.
For your re-wire cables in walls and under-floors will need to be replaced with new ones. New fixtures like light fittings, sockets and a new fuse-board will be installed, ensuring you have up to date technology. The regulations and safety standards concerning these issues might seem strict however they are there to ensure safety from electrical stresses, fire and electric shock.
There are many things to consider for the electrical design of your property, you can be sure that each and every one has been thoroughly considered before implementing..
Once your re-wire is completed a full certificate will be issued and the work must be submitted to building and planning. Don't worry as we are NICEIC domestic installer registered we do all the hard work for you, saving you time and hassle.

Full Test after Re-wire

Testing and Inspection.

A test and Inspection is a method of keeping your property up to date with current regulations and safety standards.
An EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report is a report outlining tests done on the property. There are many tests all designed to highlight problems or potential problems that may arise in the future.
A special piece of kit is needed and accurate testing cannot be done without one. The procedure also involves a visual inspection aspect where the engineer visually looks for potential or current safety issues. Testing should be carried out regularly if tenants are moving in and out of a property. For the average household the testing needs doing less frequently, and may be considered every five years "if alterations are frequent " or ten years if not the case.
keeping safe and up to date with electrical regulations and safety standards should not be underestimated in the order of importance in the continuation of your safety and the safety of others.


Before you're re-wire, we will consult with you the exact specifications to meet your needs. The number of sockets outlets, the positioning of lighting and other circuits that may need installing. This could include showers, electric to garages, ponds, jacuzzi or just garden lighting.
We want a positive experience for you. We want to accommodate your needs not only in the present but also in the future too. You're re-wire should take into account these factors so future additions will be unlikely.
Remember a re-wire could potentially last 25 years and may only need a few test and inspections to keep on top of future problems. One would spend more on a car and have it for less time.
So should you have any concerns on your property regarding age, faults, deviations from regulations or current safety standards, give us a call for a free no obligation quotation.

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