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New Fuse-board from electrician in Hull

Why install a New Fuse-board ?

Why a new fuse-board is a very safe bet ?
Your home relies on safety devices to cut off electricity, preventing fault energy rising to a dangerous level.The fault could be a short circuit an overload or fault to earth. Whatever the problem your new fuse-board must react extremely fast..
Introducing the new fuse-board upgrade
When the old fashioned fuse "the type we put wire in" goes bang, cuts out, we will be alerted by a sudden loss of lights or power to sockets. The amount of stress placed on the cables feeding our circuits could be considerable, using this type of fuse. Considerable stress of this kind can cause fires, not to ignore the obvious danger from being plunged into darkness, or sudden loss of power to portable lamps, not a good situation by any stretch of the imagination.
Lets consider risk of electric shock, we could be cutting the grass, using a faulty iron or drilling with a drill, all portable hand held devices. Prevention of fatal electric shock comes down to few factors one of which is the quality of fuse-board and protective devices we have installed. Admittedly there are other factors that need to be considered, we will come to them a little later. Speaking on the subject of safety is not scare tactics in any way at all, it's real world, life situations.
My point is this, potentially dangerous fault situations can be minimized considerably by the correct choices we make when it comes to fuse-boards and installed safety devices. Disconnection of faults as quickly as possible by the new fuse-board is the name of the game.
Consider then your shiny new fuse-board upgrade. Then decrease the likelihood of electric shock by a factor of thousands because now the newly installed extra protection safety devices are going to switch off very, very fast so potential of danger is almost eliminated. So now let's ask ourselves this question, would we drive a car if we knew there was a possibility of the brakes failing ?.

Fuse-board replacement in Hull

New Fuse-board adequate earthing

We will also make sure you have an ADEQUATE EARTH SYSTEM when we come and estimate the work for your new fuse-board. You might just assume everything is OK, but we can assure you that we come across the same potentially dangerous problem many times..namely earthing through services. This situation is seen as inadequate by current regulations and safety standards. Good solid earthing systems mean your safety devices switch off the supply in the event of a fault, within the disconnection times we test to to keep you and your property safe. The switch off times with your new fuse-board must be very fast indeed to comply, meaning a fault is shut off very, very quickly. Milliseconds quick. This quick trip time means your cables do not undergo undue stresses, also danger from electric shock and risk of fire is reduced. We want your new fuse-board to enhance your safety. We want you to feel confident in our ability to provide this service professionally.
Don't worry when we install your new fuse-board, we want your confidence that the decision to upgrade was a good one.
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Included with your new Fuse-board

Apart from our amazing service as standard, with your new fuse-board we will also highlight potential issues problems with safety in a full test report.
With your new fuse-board the part P buildings regulations state a full certificate of completion must be given to the customer at the end of the work.. Don't worry though because with every new fuse-board installation we carry out, everything is taken care of for you. It really is the complete new fuse-board installation service.
We leave you to sit back and relax, whilst we upgrade you to your new appropriate level of safety.
We should also mention that in many cases when we install new fuse-boards for customers, we find inadequate earthing to gas pipes and supply cables into the old board inadequately sized. Don't worry if the gas pipe is close to your new fuse-board we will replace this also FOR FREE. we will also supply and install the correct sized supply cables in with the price. How's that for service?
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