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Good Earthing Arrangement

Correct earthing system.

We are going to refer all the types of earthing, as just earthing in this. For simplicity sake

Earthing should never be underestimated or compromised in terms of its effectiveness. Certain faults cannot be detected by the installed safety devices if the earthing path is not appropriate for the situation. If everything is earthed correctly should a fault occur and your touching the appliance / device in any way, fault energy goes through the earthing not through you. The device / appliance should be earthed to the plug by an appropriate cable. The socket we plug into should also be attached to an earth. It is installed within the main wiring of the building. These cables " main wiring " should have their earths connected to the fuse-board earthing connector. Like-wise our fuse-board should also have its earthing connected to the main supply at the distributors earth point.
We can see from this that if the installation has been wired correctly, a complete earth path exists from our appliance to the suppliers ground point. This route of earthing is our safety path to ground.
Its complex the design calculations involved in ensuring this fault path works, so is not really within the scope of this explanation. Put simply however "this earth path should present very little resistance to the energy traveling through it, it should allow energy through easily.
For safety devices to cut off the electricity in time so a fire, or worse still your life is not endangered earthing must be designed and installed correctly. The property's earthing system coupled with safety devices is designed to protect you.
We said in the event of a fault these earthing cables allow energy to flow to ground, here it cannot harm us. We need earthing wired correctly to allow for this safety. You're safety devices must trip, switch off the electricity very quickly. They can only do this when they sense an imbalance in the supply cables, through an earthing fault. Sometimes Live to Neutral too.
The safety devices installed in an up to date fuse-board are specially manufactured to cut off the power. They do this when they sense a certain level of energy over the manufactured limits. They also have an element of protection from fire, when coupled to good earthing. When a cable becomes overloaded with excessive heat energy, the Grey plastic covering can melt and set alight. This breakdown of the insulation could cause serious fire risk.
These safety devices have technical names and set values for very specific situations. They must be tested regularly to ensure effective operation.
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We hope this alerts you to just how important correct earthing is.

Metal pipes may need Earthing too

Metal pipes may need Earthing too.

The pipework in your property may be made of copper. Copper is a metal and a very good conductor. These metal pipes may be connected to your taps, bath, boiler, shower maybe even outside of your premises. These metal pipes all have the potential to conduct energy in the event of a fault. It must be stressed be stressed that should one or more become live with electrical energy, we would not want to be touching or connected to this fault in any way.
Earthing for water and gas pipes is a way to prevent such situations.
Certain applications, have specific ways this needs to be done. Suffice to say consult us. Qualified electricians for earthing.
They also have certain names, bonding, supplementary bonding, main protective bonding basically its all earthing. We have already spoke a little on earthing and its benefits in terms of safety. Adequate earthing to pipes is just as essential as earthing to appliances, fuse-boards and all earthing.
One simple way to tell if pipes are earthed is to look at where the fuse-board is located. If a number of earths " yellow and green cables " are present around this area then POSSIBLY your earthing MAY be OK. That said, it really cannot be stressed enough that a property should be regularly tested and inspected to check if these earthing is good and attached correctly. We have attended two premises this week where earths were not connected at all, but pushed under the floor to make it look like earths were present and correctly connected.
Very, very bad practice and a danger to all involved.

Electrician in Hull prices for earthing

Electrician in Hull. Quotes for earthing

We have very simply and on a very basic level explained some of the important reasons for good earthing in your property. As we have already said the only true way to assess your current earthing situation is to get an EICR electrical installation condition report. This allows us to adequately assess your premises and create a full report covering almost everything electrical, including earthing and bonding arrangements.
We can do a range of tests on your property including a visual assessment. This is the best way to make sure you and those who dwell in the premises are safe. Pat Testing is a way of testing appliances in the property too, all appliances need an earth and appliances are not included in the EICR report.
We can in certain circumstances contact your supply distributor to instruct them to install a new earthing system at the entry point into the building. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. We will try for you though. if it is not possible for them to install one, we will endeavor to install for you a series of earth rods to ensure you have an adequate earthing arrangement. These earth rods are attached by earthing cable to the fuse-board.
The text above in no way whatsoever describes the full implications of safety and earthing. It is not meant to be exhaustive rather highlighting in laymen terms some very basic points. Also we are working electricians not authors. Please forgive if we use incorrect grammar. We are not professional writers in any way shape or form ..

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